About Us

About Our Company

CybeZilla’s vision of digitally transforming community needs for next generation is made possible.

by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional, customer oriented, solutions, services, products through constructive work flow at affordable cost so that many people can be able to access them.

CybeZilla is an independent software vendor, service provider and website developer. we mainly focus on e-commerce B2C model that provide services to consumer directly. The model we develop serves dual purpose, that is own product and for client’s need.

our team develop the new product either by Identifying the problem exist in the market or society or according to current hot trend or creating a new niche for a current product or combine two or more products together to create a new one or add on to an existing product or reincarnate an older product etc.

Our working style will be working closely with ideas and necessities coupled with extensive research and industry knowledge.

We offer a full range of web design, app development and digital marketing services, including building full-featured ecommerce websites and web startups with custom functionality. Also, we offer completely customized sites. There are many factors to consider when designing a web which ranging from mobile or iPhone implementation to social networking and development solutions.

CybeZilla is having specially trained in-house team which include business analyst, software developers, software testers to carryout complete development cycle of product or service. To tackle an opportunity, the organization forms and empowers a small team according the model to be developed. The team is cross-functional and includes all the skills necessary to complete its tasks. It manages itself and is strictly accountable for every aspect of the work.

Our success of Survival:

  • Motivational effort in all dimensions
  • Collective responsibility and leadership
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Adding values to our client needs

Our keys Values:

  • Desire for Excellence
  • Trust and confidence build-up
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • System analysis
  • Business process re-Engineering
  • Process development localization
  • Customized and target oriented Workflow design
  • Specialization in Client / Server and Internet / Intranet application and technologies

What we do is :

  • Conceive software products
  • Develop those products
  • Market those products
  • Support and maintain product