Online Exams

Pre-qualified Online Exams

Things have changed significantly over the years in education. Fast growing demand of education in developing country has led to increase in the rise of assessment per candidate. Examining a student is an integral part of any education system. With the advent of technology and increase in number of online users over a time in developing countries has leveraged the foundation of conducting exams online.

Due to pandemic situation student’s arrival to school is not on daily basis but syllabus to be covered with in predefined frame or time. This lead the student and teacher into the frustration Phase due to lack time.

Online exam module helps the teacher to conduct the Exams, MCQ, Quiz and Competition online itself in particular period to complete it after the school from home. each student submits the answer back for the correction to be carried. Once the corrections are completed students can review the marks with key answer prepared by respective teacher. Chatting facility help the student to communicate with teacher for the further clarity and discussion.