School Management System

School Management System: SMS

SMS module helps rapid communication and assessment across the school’s top management and student. School can capitalize this module as digital data bank to record their details in standalone system which can fulfill the requirements of school management structure.

IDesk consist the following module:

  • Bird eye view of top management
    • Management structure of school can be created, monitored and measured.
            Eg: Principal, teacher, student, syllabus, class, subject, time table, exam, assignments, result
  • Principal level commitments
    • Establishing basic school structure: Creating Principal, teacher, student, grade, class, subject, time table, exam, assignments, result structures according to the available school
    • Establishing academic staff structure: Academic staff activities, attendance can be developed if need arise.
    • Establishing nonacademic staff structure: Non-Academic staff activities, attendance can be developed if need arise
  • Teacher level commitments
    • Day to day activities of individual class teacher can be created.
            Eg: Attendance capturing, Monthly analysis of attendance, Marking remarks of students Timetable creation, Exam modules creation, Assignment monitoring.
  • Students profile and Assessment
    • Student personal profile can be established from beginning till the leaving the day of school, grade wise performance can be viewed and assessed at any period of time.
            Eg: Month wise attendance view, Class wise exam results view, Assignment score view etc.

Future development:

This module can be expanded to facilitate that school can individually communicate within zone, district and nation for student’s knowledge exchange, teacher’s professional support and infrastructure development.