Why iDesk

Why digital transforming?

There are certain factors around world which enforces digital transformation, one is, with more social distancing schools may operate in two shifts with fewer students in class room and class timings have reduced with fewer subjects a day. Second is, mode of travelling become challenge and it drains the energy of people.

Hence, Digital education can help students continue their education in a hassle-free manner and with little effort and investment.

Why iDesk to be used:

IDesk is Social Networking Tool or Websites and apps that allows users to communicate with others connected in a network of self-identified user groups for the purpose of sharing information, calls for actions, and reactions.

IDesk is an educational product which developed to enable the end users to access school in digital way. Technology is not something new for our kids. It is a part of their daily life, for this reason using it is not a challenge or a skill as it comes very natural to them. For the digital generation of youth, it is very important that they learn use technology while learning.

iDesk introduces digital school i e digitalizing school management and learning system to uplift the student’s caliber with market competencies and skill sets. The world is changing rapidly and skill sets requirement are also revolving. Community & Society need’s also getting diversified and innovation-oriented.

iDesk plans to equip students with knowledge and skill sets that will enable them to be successful in their career life by connecting subject experts or resources from island wide across the users.

iDesk make use of AI- artificial intelligence system in way that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving. It enhances weak or helpless student to pick the material from the pool of resources in order to perform well in that particular subject.

IDesk also help the subject experts to generate income while sharing the knowledge and skills to students.

iDesk consist the following module:

  • School Management Systems
  • Learning resource materials of experts as documents, Audio, video
  • Video & live streaming Resources
  • Digital access to library
  • Students Social Network with chatting
  • Pre-qualified online exams, campaign, competition and assignments guide of experts from island wide.
  • iDesk Wallet which will monitor the virtual money which can be only used to education purposes.
  • School way Transportations
  • Classified advertising and e commerce platform of School items like used books, new school materials.
  • Big Data analysis for Private Universities and industries after the A/L exams and School leavers.
  • GPS tracking.